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I provide lessons in how to use Adobe Photoshop in the comfort of your own home and with your own computer.

If you'd like to learn how to improve the colouring and lighting of your images or perform touch ups to old photos or portraits, I can teach you invaluable Photoshop features, from layers, filters and colour modes to tools, type, pixels and perspective.

I have been using Photoshop for over 12 years, from CS2 to the new Creative Cloud 2021, and can teach complete beginners to those at a more intermediate/advanced level. Lessons can be structured, starting from the beginning, or I can create a more tailored lesson plan if you already have some knowledge and wish to focus on specific features.

Orignal image of Hogwarts model taken at HP Studios with bad lighting and people in the background
Edited image of Hogwarts model with improved lighting, starry sky, and lights at the windows
Silhouetted image of person in front of a river - cannot see face clearly as too dark
Image in front of the lake with improve lighting so everything is clearly visible
Daytime image of a cruise ship in a harbour
Stock image of hands holding an iphone in front of a computer, both with a blank screen
Same cruise ship image, but transformed into a night time shot, at sea, with lights and a moon
Edited image with a website's content superimposed onto the screens

For more information, drop me an email and we can discuss what you'd like to learn.


I can teach anywhere approximately one hour's drive from Colchester in the UK, and Mirepoix in Ariege, France.

Each lesson costs £50 or €55. A lesson is two hours, which I find is enough time to learn several new Photoshop features, and gives you a chance to absorb and practice your new skills without taking on too much at once.


We will always go at your own pace.

All artwork shown here is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated, re-sold or altered in any way.
Copyright © 2020 Sara Holloway. All rights reserved.
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