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My book is published!

I’m really pleased to (finally) announce that I have finished and published my book, Life with a Cyclist!

It’s been a labour of love for many years capturing some of my husband’s more amusing cycling idiosyncrasies. I published it in the summer and it’s been gratifyingly well received by cyclists and their long-suffering loved ones. 😁

Shameless plug:

I’ve added the book to my Etsy shop, so anyone in the UK can order one! Plus, I’ve made some of the illustrations available as downloads. You can turn them into posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, coasters and mugs!

If you know a cyclist or a cycling family, it makes a perfect gift or stocking filler! 😁 ⬇️

I’d love to post the book further afield, but, sadly, the postage costs make it practically impossible. If anyone wants one for outside the UK though, especially France, of course, let me know. 👍


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